The iSWORD old-age pensions microsimulation model allows User to forecast (in real and nominal terms) old-age pensions, replacement rates or shares of the system’s pillars in the accumulation of capital for participants of the new pension system in Poland, born after 1949, in breakdown for age, sex and highest level of education completed.

Moreover, the iSWORD pensions model produces the macroeconomic projections of number of beneficiaries, revenues and expenditures of each pillar, as well as their implications for the public sector finances.

The key feature of the model is its flexibility. The Users can choose between one of the implemented macroeconomic and institutional scenarios (including e.g. retirement age, level and structure of pension contribution) or create their own scenarios. The forecast horizon of the model is 2050, with a possibility to extend it till 2060.

The tool in Polish can be downloaded from the website. There is no English version of the tool. Sorry for your inconvenience.


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