The aim of this module is to assess long-term impact of the investments in building and modernization of roads and bridges. The tool is focused on local roads, administered by districts and boroughs, but provides also a rough estimation of investment effects regarding main roads.

Tool allows to estimate the following social and material costs:

  • Users’ time
  • Road maintenance and renovation
  • Harmful emissions
  • Vehicle exploitation
  • Car accidents

Furthermore, the module estimates the economic impact of large-scale infrastructure projects on entrepreneurship and labor market.

Using the module User can assess different investment projects and compare them. As a benchmark is used the current state of infrastructure. After inputting existing road’s parameters, the program calculates costs borne by the community.

As the input for calculation are used road parameters such as length, width, state and traffic.

The tool in Polish can be downloaded from the website. There is no English version of the tool. Sorry for your inconvenience.

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