The purpose of this module is to encompass the assumed results of the assessed health policies and programmes. The tool enables the user to estimate the impact of those interventions on mortality and on years of life lost due to premature mortality (YLL) in the field of the health problem considered (defined by ICD-10 classification).

The application is to be used to compare YLL in the case of no intervention, that is, in the base case scenario, with YLL in the intervention scenario, which reflects the impact of the health policy or programme on mortality caused by the health problem considered.

The intervention scenario is defined by the reduction of the number of deaths (total and by age groups) and the increase in the average length of life in the disease (cause of death) analysed. The outcomes of the health policies or programmes are measured by:
•    the reduction in YLL (the difference between YLL in the base scenario and YLL in the intervention scenario) – total and divided into the effects of the deaths avoided and longer life years in disease,
•    the number of deaths avoided.


The tool enables the analyses for Poland and for a chosen voivodeship. The simulation of the number of deaths in the years 2011-2020 caused by the considered health problem is based on the Central Statistical Office data on mortality in years 2000-2010 by causes of death, in 5-year age groups.

The tool in Polish can be downloaded from the website. There is no English version of the tool. Sorry for your inconvenience.


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