As part of the iSWORD project Institute for Structural Research is developing a set of tools for environmental impact assessment (i.e. the impact of regulations and investments on the environment). The tools have been developed in cooperation with the Environmental Policy Research Centre in Freie Universität Berlin. The tool is focused on greenhouse gas emissions. Moduls concerning biodiversity, air pollution and waste management are under consideration.

One of the modules of this tool aims at measuring impact assessment in the area of greenhouse gas emissions. This tool monetizes and summarizes direct and indirect effects of public interventions in a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) framework. Thus, the user is provided with a synthetic and convenient measure of the environment impacts.

Direct effects of the interventions encompass changes in energy use and production, as well as changes in the energy mix, while indirect effect include new products or land use changes.

The tool asseses the impact of the regulations from three perspectives: amount of emissions, energy efficiency and energy sources.

The application allows also a detailed cost-benefit analysis, for instance, from energy savings in households, various transport policies or investments in renewable energy sources.

The tool in Polish can be downloaded from the website. There is no English version of the tool. Sorry for your inconvenience.


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